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Experts in Pre-Construction Planning, Building Information Modeling (BIM)
and Design Management Services.

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How do “Owners” benefit from our BIM Services?

✔ Building Owners can estimate whether the proposed Building Design is
Financially Feasible or Not.

✔ Owners are able to monitor cost escalations by using BIM at Construction phase.

✔ Further assisting in Improves Building Performance and Efficiency.

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How do “Architect’s” benefit from our BIM Services?

✔ The evolution of BIM started with Architects.

✔ Architects can visualize the design at any stage through BIM 3D Models.

✔ Many Architects see its value emerging from as early as the Design Phase.

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How do “General Contractors” benefit from our BIM Services?

✔ BIM helps in saving significant amount of money spent during construction.

✔ Contractors can monitor Cost and Time over runs and eliminate those using
BIM during execution.

✔ Contractors can use BIM models for Logistics Planning and Just in Time procurement,
Reducing Wastage and Damage.

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How do “Structural Engineers” Benefits from our BIM Services?

✔ Structural Engineers can better Design Complex Structures.

✔ Elements as Steel columns, Beams, floors and Trusses are modelled and
used for precise coordination with other components.

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How do “MEP Contractors” Benefits from our BIM Services?

✔ MEP Contractors can reduce errors, through better coordination and

✔ They can access critical data and Detect Clashes easily through BIM.

✔ MEP BIM Model allows MEP Engineers take informed Decisions,
assisting in delivering Sophisticated and Sustainable Buildings.

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Excelize is Celebrating its
“10 Years of Excellence”
In Building Information Modeling (BIM),
Pre-Construction Services and
Design Management Solutions.



BIM Services

Interested in BIM Services? Excelize has achieved a decade of excellence, serving its clients with BIM Services.

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CAD Services

Have a CAD Project? Delivering innovative and cost effective CAD Solutions is our motto.

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MEP Shop Drawing

Looking to outsource Shop Drawing work? Here we are with a team of highly qualified MEP experts.

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Structural Detailing

Need structural steel detailers? Find out more about our structural detailing capabilities, speak to our experts.

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