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5D Cost Monitoring & Procurement Management


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Based on BIM quantities and 4D scheduling through BIM models, our team provides as actual cost monitoring and construction material procurement plans during construction phase.

 Real estate developers, owners and general contractors are interested in our BIM 5D cost estimation services. With the latest software’s and technology, Excelize helps its clients in acquiring an estimation of cost of the building project, before the construction even starts. 

Time, schedule, resources and costs matter the most in any construction work. Accurate cost estimation has a vital role in building projects, as it determines the scope of a particular project and helps quote a bidding amount for a project. We know that the construction industry depends on BIM for documenting all information required for a building project. Here comes the relevance of BIM cost estimation (BIM 5D Modeling) services. Cost estimation is another advantage of BIM services that helps us calculate and estimate the costs of a construction project with a higher level of accuracy.

Our BIM Cost Estimation (BIM 5D) Services

Excelize promises reliable cost estimating solutions with detailed quantity takeoffs and pricing required for a construction project. Our BIM cost estimation helps the clients to prepare estimates and verify the estimated costs at each step throughout the process. We have efficient professional team and proficient work-culture that will help provide the finest BIM cost estimation services to various big and small construction firms including residential, institutional, commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare and corporate building construction.

The main BIM cost estimation services offered by Excelize are the following

  • Architectural, Structural, MEP Integration
  • Creation of Revit Family Libraries
  • Creation of a Virtual Intelligent 3D Model
  • Clash Detection and Risk Mitigation
  • Extraction of Accurate Project Information
  • Quality construction documents
  • Construction Bid Estimates
  • Contractor Estimate reviews
  • Cost Modeling
  • Quantity Take-Offs
  • Life Cycle Costing
  • Master Planning Cost Estimating and Analysis
  • Material Escalation Analysis

Advantages of choosing our BIM Cost estimation services

We at Excelize offer BIM cost estimation (BIM 5D) services to architects, constructors, designers, operators, owners, manufacturers, engineers, sub-contractors and material suppliers. Here gives the reasons why construction firms choose Excelize for BIM cost estimation services.

  • Our cost estimation services are highly accurate and cost effective.
  • We offer comprehensive information on all aspects like quantities, location, time and costs.
  • With the help of cost estimation services, we can ensure more flexible operations and thus enhance the aesthetic aspects.
  • The accurate BIM cost estimating provides the clients with detailed reports of the modeled materials.
  • We ensure cost effective budget structures without compromising in quality.
  • Our team is updated with advanced tools and infrastructure that enable the quality services always.
  • Our BIM cost estimation services make your construction project eco-friendly.

If you want to get a highly professional and successful Cost estimation services, Excelize is the right choice.

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