7 things your boss expects you know about BIM Solutions! Excelize

bim solutions uses

7 things your boss expects you know about BIM Solutions! Excelize

7 things your boss expects you know about BIM Solutions!

Building information Modeling (BIM), more than a technology, is a system that applies to all aspect of construction industry like plan, design, the estimating, the supply of chain, the delivery of goods during the build, the resource allocation and the productivity requirements etc.

BIM solutions have several uses and benefits and it is visible mainly in its potential to reduce rework like re-keying information into models or making changes in the field. As BIM solutions make the users more proficient, the productivity is improved significantly. Here are describing some of the important benefits of building information Modeling (BIM) that will tell you how BIM can save your time and budget for building and infrastructure projects.

  1. BIM enhances collaboration for better outcomes

As BIM solutions enables all project partners including different design disciplines, contractor, specialists, suppliers and the customers to use a single shared 3D model, everybody will focus on achieving best value from project inception to final decommissioning. Models make sharing and collaborating easier than drawing sets do. It is because a lot of functions are possible only through a digital workflow.

  1. BIM improves performance

Swift and accurate comparison of various design options are possible with the help of BIM. It will result in development of more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

  1. BIM solutions enables predictability

This is the most important benefit of BIM. BIM gives the operators and owners of the building a clear idea of design content before the work starts by visualizing the projects at an early stage. So, they can make any modification and change in the design in advance of construction and can achieve the outcomes they want.

  1. BIM creates virtual model

BIM enables the project team to build the project in a virtual environment. It includes rehearsing complex procedures, planning procurement materials, equipment and man power and optimizing temporary works.

  1. BIM minimizes safety risk

The 3D model provided BIM technology enhances operational safety. As BIM helps review complex details or procedures before going on site, contractors can reduce the risks that may occur in construction stage.

  1. BIM solutions reduces waste

Exact quantity take-offs is one of the important aspect of a construction work that will substantially reduce the waste and avoid the nonessential expenditure. Exact quantity take-of means the delivery of correct quantity of materials and equipment at correct time. BIM ensures just-in-time delivery of exact quantity of materials that will minimize the possibility for damage. It save the time and money of the customer.

  1. BIM resolves conflict

The BIM toolset can help automate clash detection of elements like ductwork or electrical conduit that run into a beam. As it models all such things first, we can discover the clashes at early stage and it will reduce the costly on-site clashes. The model also ensures a perfect fit of elements, which are manufactures off-site. So these components can easily be bolted into place than created on-site.

In short, with building information Modeling, the designers can have all of the input complied and shared in a model, as it incorporates graphic, physical, commercial, environmental and operational data. That is why this new technology is now implied not only in buildings, but across oil and gas, transport, power, water and industry sectors etc.