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Company Policies


  At Excelize – a BIM company, our aim is to create a services firm that makes the best use of technology and opportunities created by globalization, to create value for our clients. We seek to build a profitable company that creates opportunities for growth & prosperity for its employees and all stake holders. We seek to have a positive impact on our profession, society and nation at large. 

HR Policies at Excelize:

  • Confidentiality: During the course of his/her employment the employee may be disclosed with certain Technical and Business information of the Company as well as that of the Client such as methods, processes, pricing data, financial data, customer list etc. The employee needs to maintain confidentiality of the information he/she has with him/her. In addition to it the Employee must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement at the time of Joining.
  • Patents and Copyrights: The Company has the exclusive rights over the entire job done by the employee at the Company.
  • Misconduct: The employees are expected to maintain a cordial relationship with their Co – Employees, seniors and sub–ordinates. The Company has a Zero Tolerance approach towards Cases of Sexual Harassment. The Company will make sure that employees who bring the charges do not face any sort of retaliation, the company also assures the employees of their confidentiality.
  • Disciplinary Actions: The Company will take disciplinary action on those who are found guilty or who are levelled with charges of improper misconduct.
  • E-Mail: E-mails sent from the Company should be treated the same as any other communication that is sent. All communications represent the Company as a whole, and as such, should be written in a professional and appropriate manner.
  • Clean Work – Place: It is the duty of every employee to maintain a clean and tidy work place in and around his/her desk and in the remaining places of the Office.

Core Values at Excelize:

  • Our Management Ethos: Management Ethos like transparency, belief, loyalty, and firm foundation for employees based on values – Dynan (Knowledge), Karma (Dynamic and entrepreneurship qualities) and Bhakti (quest for higher purpose) work culture to have conducive atmosphere.
  • Our Management: We see ourselves as promoters of change. We shall work in committed teams and achieve our business objectives with honesty and integrity.
  • Our Customers: We expect our customers to be delighted by our products and service. We believe in building long-term relationships based on mutual trust, which will make Excelize the preferred brand.
  • Our People: Our people shall be competent, self-driven and promoted on merit. They shall, with honesty and integrity work within an environment where free expression based on mutual trust shall foster innovation.
  • Our Business: We see our business as being market driven, competitive and profitable, built on partnerships based on mutual trust with respect to customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders who see us as progressive, dependable and a reliable BIM company.