Operations Model


With the increasing competition in the AEC industry, each segment of the industry is focusing on reduce the gross costs and enhance operational efficacy via technological elevation. Today construction and engineering firms are more and more adapting the methodology of working with value network partners, specializing in providing complementary intermediate back-end services such as BIM Modeling services. There are different business models followed by the industry to acquire the benefits and offer a more comprehensive end product to the Owners.

Excelize has been working with its clients as value network partner for their Pre-construction services, BIM Modeling services and their design management services. Whether you are a General Contractor, Architectural Studio, Building Design Contractor, Builder or Engineering firm, we have specific business operational models for you.

Our Various Operational Models:

Project to Project Basis:
From the name itself, this model is on a project to project basis wherein our clients outsource an entire project to Excelize wherein we act as an offshore AEC service partner to our client. This outsourcing model is more preferred when the client is looking for BIM or CAD drafting services based on the availability of their projects.
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BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer):
Off shoring AEC services is becoming a “must-do” for construction businesses. However, establishing any business in a new geography has always been a challenge for the industry. The major concerns lies in setting up infrastructure, finding local engineering and architectural talent, matching local compliance’s and regulations and having control on all these factors are the major hurdles.
Over here Excelize assists its clients with a Build, Operate and Transfer solution. Wherein Excelize works as your offshore partners, builds a team of experienced Architects, Engineers, Drafters and Modellers for you and take care of all local compliance’s. Though the operational part would be taken care by Excelize team, the Management controls would stay with client and later operations would be transferred over a period of time.
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Man-month Basis:
This model offers you a benefit of hiring a resource for full time specifically working on your projects for a specific period of time. It could be an AutoCAD Drafter, a Revit modeller, a Construction Project Co-ordinator, etc. Hiring a man-month resource at Excelize headquarters would not only offer you a fixed cost benefit but also avail high level of transparency, security, flexibility and scalability.
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Staff Augmentation:
Construction projects require both the supports, Off-shore as well as On-shore. In this decade of experience in working with AEC industry, we have received several interests from the clients wherein they are willing to have resources coming On-shore to their site and work with their staff as a team. At Excelize, we have a special panel of Architects, Drafters and Modellers, who are equipped with years of experiences in work on to this model locally and internationally.
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Write to us more about your BIM project requirements and our sales engineers would be happy to assist you in selecting the best operational model for your needs.