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Man-Month Basis


  This model offers you a benefit of hiring a resource for full time specifically working on your projects for a specific period of time without investing any fixed cost.

It could be an AutoCAD Drafter, a Revit modeller, a Construction Project Co-ordinator, etc. Hiring a man-month resource at Excelize headquarters would not only offer you a fixed cost benefit but also avail high level of transparency, security, flexibility and scalability.

  • Dedicated Infrastructure and Personnel Availed to the Client for a fixed monthly fee.
  • The model is preferred by clients with continuous drafting requirements.
  • Assigned teams operate as an extension of the customer’s development unit.
  • It offers high level of efficiency to Drafters or Modellers as they get acquainted to the in-house style of client’s project.
  • For consigned relationships, we implement customer-specific quality/process frameworks to meet the precise needs of the client.
  • Project development process is quite transparent in this model of operation.
  • Clients have complete control over the project.