Our CAD BIM Partners have an integral contribution in the success of our 12 years of excellence achieved. We welcome new opportunities available for BIM partnerships and would be open for such discussions. 

Excelize is very happy to list its BIM Partners who have been always helpful in catalysing the activities of Excelize. We thank the members listed here for their ever supportive gesture.

European Partner

DarntonB3 |Architects|Retail|Commercial|Residential
DarntonB3 DarntonB3 have extensive track record of project delivery in Europe, Middle East, Asia & South Africa.They have designed and rolled out retail concept in Europe, together with retail design and project management in the UAE. Developed Concept design for schemes in North America, India & China. DarntonB3 has been BIM partners to Excelize since a couple of years now and have executed several successful projects with us.
Lulworth Consulting Company
Lulworth is a UK based company. Excelize has been partnering with this firm to work on upcoming BIM projects and to complete them keeping in mind the UK BIM Standards.
Nexithon Architects
Nexithon Architects, Engineers and BIM Specialist
Nexithon a UK based firm is a high-quality provider of architectural and engineering design and BIM/Revit services to architects, engineers and contractors. They offices are also located in Ireland & in the US. Excelize has recently partnered with Nexithon to expand our business.

Gulf Partner

CGC | Engineering Technology Solutions
Consolidated Gulf Company (CGC) is a leading technology conglomerate with diversified interests in IT and ITeS, Telecom, Extra Low Voltage (ELV), IBMS, Audio Visual, Safety and Security, Cisco, TETRA, CAMS, BPO, Engineering, CAD, GIS & 3D Modeling, and Mobile Telephony domains. Excelize has successfull worked as BIM partners to CGC on some top notch BIM projects.
Axis Engineering W.L.L.
Axis Engineering & Mechanical Company is located in Doha, Qatar. Company is working in Electrical Service business activities. Excelize has partnered with Axis Engineering to efficiently complete every kind of project in the region keeping the local BIM standards in mind.

India Partner

Expert Global | IT & Engineering Solutions
Expert Global specializes in providing IT and Engineering solutions to the organizations world over by understanding their needs.This is achieved by creating bridges between various technologies and seamlessly integrating them to maximize business benefits.
Adaptive Design Consortium (ADCON)
ADCON is an Architectural Design Consultancy firm. Excelize has recently partnered with this firm to fulfill the designing need of its clients.