Bim Modeling


BIM (Building Information Modeling), beyond a 3D modeling for visualization, helps create a virtual building with all properties. This virtual building enables you to extract any data from it. You can use many common data such as plan, sections, elevations, schedules etc. Using BIM, we can easily create color fill, 3D perspective, detailed drawing, and rendering and limited walkthrough animation.

Before BIM came in practice, designers used AutoCAD Drafting to produce scaled drawings. As each perspective was a separate scaled drawing, each view had to be changed separately, whenever a change was made in the design. With the replacement of AutoCAD Drafting with BIM, the designers can create 1:1 scale virtual models of buildings. It helps create floor plans, sections and elevations by taking snapshots from different perspectives.

The key feature of BIM is that captures all the components, views and annotations from the CAD drawings. if there is a change to any element, it would automatically propagate to keep the model consistent.For example, if a change is made to the location of a wall, it would update the adjacent walls, roofs, floors, adjust the floor areas reported in schedules, redraw section views and correct the placement and values of dimensions and notes.As a result, we can get all the documentation coordinated even after the change.


Excelize, one of the reputed one-stop solutions for all your BIM Modeling requirements, offers quality Revit BIM Modeling services at reasonable prices. Our skilled professional team, who are experts in Revit BIM modeling provide an array of Revit BIM modeling services to several major domains as per industry standards.

In the Revit 3D BIM modeling services, we convert the 2D floor plans, details, elevations, sections, interior elevations and finishes into a BIM model. We use Revit families for architectural objects like windows, walls, doors, cabinetry, furniture etc. The ‘’custom’’ families we create will match the unique building systems, furniture, and equipment of the clients. Our skilled professionals have sound knowledge of multiple disciplines like structural BIM servicesarchitectural BIM services, and MEP BIM Services.

We at Excelize develop a 3D Revit BIM model based on elevations, details, floor plans and sections provided by the clients. The clients can select the specific disciplines to be included in the model. It is also possible to expand the existing BIM model by adding additional data. For example, we can expand the existing Revit architectural background by including mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment. As the Revit BIM models can be rotated in a various direction, we can view the different perspectives of the building that will help identify and avoid the conflicts between different building systems. Excelize offers Revit BIM modeling services to general contractors, manufacturers, designers, engineers, architects and other project stakeholders.

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