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BIM Training and Implementation


Building Information Modeling has shown a rapid growth in adoption rates in recent years. The construction industry is fully aware about the numerous potential benefits of BIM like increased productivity, less cost growth, enhanced collaboration, earlier project delivery, less rework etc. But getting used with this technology is not easy. First of all we have to understand that BIM is not simply a case of purchasing software. BIM adoption is more about process change rather than technology adoption. Therefore, the general question that comes from the construction industry is not when to adopt BIM, but how to implement it, how to get started, how to set up the essential process and protocols to increase the benefits.

Successful BIM Implementation is a complex procedure that needs thorough planning and execution. Excelize is a leading industry on BIM solutions, consulting, training and management with an experience of delivering BIM services to several various types of projects. We offer full implementation of BIM workflows helping the construction team move from 2D, document-centric delivery model to a full-fledged 3D environment. Excelize guides engineers, designers, architects and contractors through the planning and execution of BIM implementation. We include training, project consultancy, workshop support and other guidance for coordination and standards in our implement methodology.

Instead of just describing how to operate the software, our training focuses on the BIM mindset and thinking. We have specialists in each field of BIM and they provide lectures, demonstrations and hands-on practice to our clients. Some of the important modules of our training are the following.

• Introduction to Building Information Modeling (BIM)
• Computational design
• Basics of BIM
• Revit Family creation
• Navisworks Manage
• Laser Scanning fundamentals
• BIM management training
• Change management: workflow and technology transitioning

All these are the common modules. Instead of them, we also provide customized training as per the requirements of your company.

Advantages of our BIM training and implementation

As we are experienced in delivering BIM projects, we can provide our clients with expert consulting.We provide all of the documentation you need including software standards,manuals, best practice guidelines and company procedures and it will help you ensure that your staff are using software consistently, effectively and productively. Our training and implementation services enable your architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and owners function more efficiently.

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