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Quantity TakeOffs Services


 It is a widely agreed fact that cost is the most important element of all construction projects. As constructing a building is an expensive process, everybody tries all the possible ways to reduce the cost as much as they can. So a detailed measurement of material and labour needed to complete a construction project is very essential and it is called quantity takeoff. 

Excelize has a team of well experienced estimators working on quantity takeoff services which include preparing cost estimates and plans, auditing projects, managing construction costs and administering construction contracts of construction. They do it successfully by reviewing drawings and specifications. Any change of design is also checked by our cost estimators to assess the cost effects.

Quantity Takeoff services offered by Excelize

Those who are involved in various phases of a construction process such as architects, designers, contractors, sun-contractors, project managers and building owners are our clients and so we use the best technologies and practices to provide them with the most accurate calculation and estimation.

Quantity takeoff services:

  • Pre-construction work order sheet
  • Extraction of accurate project information
  • Creation of libraries
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation
  • High quality construction documents

Why prefer Excelize for Quantity Takeoff services

Excelize prefers specific methods for quantity takeoff services, ensuring that the clients get accurate result. It helps them analyze the cost effect and changes during all the phases of the project life cycle.Further excessive budget overruns could be curbed through project modifications. What makes our services special from others are:

  • We provide detailed analysis of the design
  • We do material analysis
  • We ensure better understanding, analysis and estimation
  • We ensures timely delivery of the services
  • We are available 24/7 hours
  • We insist on 100% customer satisfaction
  • We provide customized services
  • We offer cost effective solutions
  • We have highly talented and long experienced team of estimators
  • We ensure high success rate due to the precision in our work
  • We make sure that the clients get a full quantities breakdown of all materials

Accurate BIM based quantity takeoff services help all players involved in the construction process like managers, contractors and designers. Quantity Takeoff helps the designers improve the quality of the building information model and provide accurate quantities for contractors and project managers. It also enhances the communication with the client. With quantity takeoff, the project managers and contractors can calculate accurate quantities for various purposes easily and integrate with the existing schedule scheduling, cost estimating and other applications. It facilitates communications with the sub-contractors.

Excelize has been assisting its esteemed clients with Quantity take offs services as their offshore BIM Consultants.

Have a new project, discuss the project requirements with our Team of Experts. Team Excelize will be glad to assist you!