As a knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) firm, Excelize realizes that constantly improving the company´s knowledge base and skills of its employees is very important. We encourage our employees to always keep learning and to update the company knowledge BIM resources with the latest trends, tools and technology. We hope this will enable Excelize to consistently deliver the best performance to our clients, achieving the optimum out of BIM services.

Excelize would like to focus on communication and education at large. We believe that experience and knowledge needs to be shared within our company and industry wide. We also want to share with our clients, employees and peers the latest news and happenings within the company. This we do by creating our BIM resources such as White Papers, Monthly Newsletters, Articles and Blogs.

In between the course of serving our clients from different parts of the world with our BIM services, we have come across various BIM standards and guides followed by different countries. As a part of our resource library, we wish to share this industry knowledge with our clients as well.

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