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BIM Standards


The AEC (UK) BIM Protocol for Autodesk Revit

The AEC (UK) BIM Standards was released in November 2009.

Version 2.0 of The AEC (UK) BIM Protocol was published in September 2012 to improve the process of design information production, management and exchange.
The re-published supplement provides specific application of those protocol for BIM Modeling Revit Architecture, Revit Structure and Revit MEP.

BIM Particular Conditions Version 1.0

The BIM Particular Conditions Version 1.0 on the following pages may be attached to the Principal Agreement when incorporating the use of BIM into the project, as part of the scope of services under the Principal Agreement.
Please read the Notes below before using the BIM Particular Conditions…

Singapore BIM Guide Version 1

The Singapore BIM Guide is a reference guide that outlines the roles and responsibilities of project members when using Building Information Modeling (BIM) at different stages of a project.
It is used as a reference guide for the development of a BIM Execution Plan, which will be agreed between the Employer and project members, for the successful implementation of a BIM project.
The Singapore BIM Guide consists of both BIM Specifications and BIM Modeling and Collaboration Procedures.

Singapore BIM Guide Version 2

BIM Modeling or Building Information Modeling has gained much traction in recent years as digital construction technology that will fundamentally transform the building and construction industry practice in the delivery of an excellent built environment. It is a game changing technology that will improve the construction productivity as well as the level of integration and collaboration across the various disciplines in the construction value chain. It is therefore important for the industry to embrace the technology with clarity.