Design Build Contractors


 Our prime customers in the US are design-build contractors who are mainly in need for architectural BIM services, 3D Modeling services, BIM cost estimating, CAD drafting services and CAD conversion services. However, depending on the change in need, we cater our clients with high-quality CAD BIM services at the best industry rates. 

Design Build Contractors have extensively started implementing BIM in the virtual design and construction phase. The integration of BIM (Building Information Modeling) tools into design-build firms have given a boost to efficient construction and project management in the industry.The involvement of design builds firms from start to finish of any construction project inherent its efficiency even more through BIM implementation.

Excelize has been working with Design-Build contracting firms, since its inception. Most of our clienteles in USA and India are contractors offering design-build services. Within these years we have experienced that collaboration through BIM could be optimally achieved with a design-build firm as the project teams at design-build firms work jointly on the execution of any construction project.

We have assisted design-build firms with different BIM services. From the basic level of BIM 3D Modeling services, wherein we generate BIM 3D Models with the elements of 2D for our clients to the second level wherein we the firm is in the process of implementing BIM in the design and operations process. Excelize has the expertise of even assisting design-build contractors for at level 3 of BIM wherein we work with them in a fully integrated and optimized BIM environs, wherein the entire BIM process and support is managed through cloud-based applications.

Are you a design-build contractor? Here are the services we can assist you with:

  • 3D BIM Modeling in all the three disciplines
  • Architectural BIM Services
  • MEPF Modeling and coordination
  • Structural Modeling services
  • Clash Detection and Resolution
  • BIM Coordination
  • Revit Family Creation
  • Navis work Quantification for contractors
  • Extracting shop drawings from BIM model
  • BIM in Cloud
  • Scan to BIM Services and more.

Through our BIM 4D scheduling services, we assist our client tracking the actual buildings built up time and the scheduled time extracted from BIM ensuring the completion within the allotted time. Our 5D BIM cost estimation services assist our clients to constantly track the cost of the project during the execution phase.

Have a new project, discuss the project requirements with our Team of Experts. Team Excelize will be glad to assist you!