Levering our global experience, we have expanded our portfolio from design and drafting, to a broader range of 3D BIM Modeling for all the three disciplines (Architecture, Structure and MEPF), Clash Detection and Resolution, Cost estimation and Quantity take-offs, and CAD BIM services.

BIM Services:

•3D visualization
Our 3D modeling services provide an exclusive stepping stone to our client to start enjoying all the BIM benefits for their projects.
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•3D Design Coordination
Spatial coordination for all the MEP & FP services are conducted by our most experienced coordination masters to provide world class solutions for services installation issues.
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•3D Design & Construction Modeling
Excelize’s MEP modeling services benefits designers and MEP sub contractors to use our models using a wide range of BIM software tools and global experience on a plethora of project types.
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•BIM Quantity take-offs
All quantities and material take-offs are provided as a service for our clients to give benefits like verifying RA bills, cost monitoring, floating tenders, project bids, etc.
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•BIM Constructability analysis.
Our experienced team in global construction types and global standards provide constructability analysis via BIM models to our clients to help them execute the projects without any issues during construction.
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•4D construction sequencing and site logistics
Our experts work with project planning teams to provide them minute details of construction activities during planning as well as execution phases.
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•4D Progress monitoring
We provide complete project monitoring during the project execution phase to our clients to report actual status, delays and potential catch up plans.
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•5D Cost monitoring & procurement management.
Based on BIM quantities and 4D scheduling through BIM models, our team provides as actual cost monitoring and construction material procurement plans during construction phase.
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•3D As-built documentation
Accurate as-built documentation is the key to any project for its O&M and redevelopment. Excelize provide multiple ways of as-built through BIM models and its FM integration for O & M.
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•2D Shop drawings
Having worked in the field for more than a decade, our team specializes in shop drawings for all trades. Our team is expert in working on multiple platforms to provide shop drawings that can be directly fed into pre-fab software.
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•Onshore + Offshore Working Model (Hybrid)
In this new model developed from the offshore working model Excelize has extended its resource support to client’s territory of work by sending BIM Project Manager to client’s overseas site/office.
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