Construction Sequencing Services


Construction Sequencing Services

Time, schedule, resources and costs matter the most in any construction work.

Excelize provides an in-depth assistance to its clients with BIM 4D Modeling services and scheduling through the integration of high-end BIM Softwares such as Revit. Scheduling even assists clients in identifying the gaps between the expected time of project completion and the actual time is taken.

 In our construction sequencing segment, we offer:

  • BIM 4D scheduling, for identifying schedule, sequencing or phasing issues.
  • Quantity Take-Offs
  • 5D cost estimation services.
  • Manage risks, supply chain & resource allocation.

Our experts work with the project planning teams to provide them real-time construction sequence simulations along with logistical and minute details of construction activities during planning as well as execution phases to help them acquire control over the project upshot. We assist the construction firms with effective construction procedure sequence, strategies for space utilization, conflict management and allocate resources effectively.

Benefits of our Construction Sequencing services:

  • Identifies and resolves the space and workspace conflicts.
  • Provides a better understanding of the planning schedules based on models and phasing simulation.
  • Controlling the estimated cost by neutralizing the wastage.
  • Reduces rework using 4D sequencing.
  • Monitor procurement status of project materials in the 4D model.
  • Comprehensive information on all aspects of quantities, location, time and costs.
  • Cost effective budget structures without compromising quality.
  • Advanced tools and infrastructure that enable the quality services always.

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