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BIM Constructability Analysis

BIM Constructability Analysis

Our experienced team in global construction types and global standards provide constructability analysis via BIM models to our clients to help them execute the projects without any issues during construction.

The basic aim of BIM-based Constructability analysis is to review construction processes/methods during the design phase and identify potential obstacles and design flaws that might result in schedule delays, cost overruns, rework, etc. It is very important to identify and resolve any constructability issues that might pop up during the construction of any project.  BIM plays a crucial role by enabling you to review entire project process before the construction starts. You can review the whole project right from concept design through as built and operations of a building for any issues that may be encountered due to design compatibility, spatial issues, circulation, and logistics, etc. It also helps to keep track of revisions and design updates during the design development of the project.

One of the most promising benefits of the Constructability analysis is to achieve safety standards in a building through BIM visual analysis. BIM enables visualization of schedule including the installation of permanent building parts and temporary safety arrangements before the real construction process. The results provide information to the building construction industry about both constructability and safety, and as a result, improving and streamlining the site processes especially in the frame construction phase.
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