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We can trace the roots of building information modeling (BIM) to a pressing need for managing design and construction data in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) sector.

BIM is a process that involves the management of shareable and reliable digital information throughout the life cycle of a built asset. By working more collaboratively, design, construction and operation teams are able to use technology to capture and structure asset data at key stages during a project.

As these technologies mature and evolve, it creates an opportunity for other professional groups to use data within, or linked to, BIM models. BIM offers rich opportunities for property professionals to use information throughout the property lifecycle.

Implemented well, BIM provides a powerful digital resource that can improve performance, promote better collaboration, encourage strategic planning, assist portfolio rationalization and acquisitions, and manages valuable asset data.

The best time for real estate developers to implement BIM on projects is at the very start of the project. BIM is the only guide that helps increase transparency and creates an integrated design and construction process. This results in better quality buildings at lower cost and in a short time frame.

We have been fortunate to have worked with renowned real estate developers across the world, offering them solutions in architectural BIM Modeling, BIM coordination and clash detectionMEP BIM Modeling4D BIM Scheduling and 5D BIM cost estimation on their entire project from pre-construction to construction stage.

Our major markets cover India, USA, UK, Middle East, Europe and Australia. We have been able to showcase how BIM can help real estate developers improve their strategic planning, support decision-making processes, and maximize the ROI on their upcoming projects.

Benefits of using our services

  • Take advantage of shifting from 2D to 3D (BIM), to understand and manage BIM
  • The virtual model of the building helps the onsite team in eliminating coordination issues and imperfections in the construction process
  • High level of coordination can be achieved through process optimization and integration of information
  • Reduction in overall cost of the project by identifying problems prior to the construction of the project. Anticipating the cost of a project, in turn assists better financial management
  • Timely completion of every project and therefore increased profitability for real estate developers

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