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4D Construction Progress Monitoring & Simulation


We provide complete project monitoring during the project execution phase to our clients to report actual status, delays and potential catch-up plans.
We all know that BIM Modeling services provide architects and home builders several benefits such as constructability analysis, improved coordination, quantification and cost estimation, etc. And 4D model adds another feature to BIM, which is nothing but visualization of a project timeline. 4D model is a 3D model with an attachment of the fourth dimension of time via a schedule.

Due to the continuous technological advancement and the emergence of BIM (Building Information Modeling), 4D Modeling is now a commonly used service in all types of construction firms.
4D progress monitoring has a significant role in project planning, as it includes important data like start and finish date of every component and their criticality. The 4D model helps the project team get minute details. As it visualizes the assembling of a building over time, the project team can check different options and select the most appropriate one at the project design phase.


We can classify the benefits of BIM 4D models as tangible benefits and intangible benefits. While the tangible benefits include conflict detection complaints reduction, risk mitigation, enhanced productivity and time and cost savings, the intangible benefits are better communication among different divisions and visual communication of project parameters to building owners and stakeholders.

  • BIM 4D progress monitoring shows the critical path of the project and thus enables the owner and the project participants for a better understanding of the phasing schedule.
  • With the help of BIM 4D progress monitoring, we can identify and resolve the space and workspace conflicts ahead of the construction process. It conveys the information and spatial complexities of the project and also helps to conduct additional analyses.
  • BIM 4D progress monitoring is also useful for marketing and publicity purposes.
  • It identifies schedule, sequencing, or phasing issues.
  • BIM 4D progress monitoring enables the owner and the project team to visualize time constraints easily.
  • The main advantage of BIM 4D progress monitoring is increases productivity through decreased waste on construction sites.
4D Construction Progress Monitoring & Simulation

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