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CAD Digitization Services


Excelize offers high-quality cad digitization services, wherein we assist our customers in digitizing heaps of construction drawings into a computerized format. Our CAD digitization services are backed with years of experience from our architects and engineers to offer you a better output.

CAD digitization is nowadays widely accepted by all small and big construction industries, as it helps clients secure their files for a longer period without any damage. CAD digitization process, which includes converting existing manual documents to electronic format, is applicable to mechanical drawings, civil drawing, architectural drawings and electrical drawings.

Advantages of CAD Digitization

The benefits of CAD Digitization are several, as it enables the clients to save their money, time and space along with minimizing operating costs. It allows you to convert all your information, data and images electrically into a vector format. Here describe the main advantages of CAD Digitization.

  • BIM 4D scheduling shows the critical path of the project and thus enables the owner and the project participants for a better understanding of the phasing schedule.
  • CAD Digitization is a safer storage medium, as it reduces the space required to store data.
  • It helps organize customized storage retrieval systems.
  • Clients can change the storage format that suits their output format choice.
  • We can easily make any change or modification in the digitalized file in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • It has higher resolution compared to scanned drawings or blueprints.
  • We can interpret missing dimensions without loss in accuracy.
  • CAD Digitization enhances a paperless environment
  • CAD Digitization can be maintained and retrieved easily.
  • It separates text and it has its own layer.
  • Using CAD Digitization, dimensions which are intact can be shown in a separate layer.
  • CAD Digitization enables to prepare separate layer for dimensions, body, text, hidden lines and centerlines.
  • The final output will be in DXF, DGN or DWG formats and they will be editable.
Advantages of CAD Digitization
Why Excelize For CAD Digitization Services

Why Excelize For CAD Digitization Services

The CAD digitization services offered by Excelize is an ideal blend of consistency. We at Excelize have well-equipped digitization infrastructure, with the help of which are competent and experienced CAD technicians and technical staff provides excellent quality of CAD digitization services to the clients at attractive prices.

The trained and experienced professionals in Excelize do CAD digitization services for text, symbols, and geometries of engineering drawings, electrical schematics, architectural designs, terrain maps, mechanical components and piping network drawings. We digitize your raster images like drawings, logos, graphics, etc. in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PDF, etc. into fully editable, multi-layer formats like Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, DWG, DXF, DGN or any other desired vector format.
We are able to produce native CAD formats, which are compatible with most CAD systems. It is sure that our CAD digitization services will make your future production and storage purpose easier and faster.

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