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Construction Documentation Services


Excelize has been delivering comprehensive construction documentation services to its clients for a decade. 
Constructing a building is not an easy or simple task, but is a systematically coordinated procedure that includes various stages and the effort of several people from designers, architects, contractors and laborers to owners. That is why clear and detailed documentation of all the steps involved in the construction is very necessary to have an error-free workflow and thus to get a good output.

Construction documentation is a set of comprehensive drawings, which provides sequential data related to the steps of the construction procedure. The information in the construction documentation is useful to those involved in the construction industry such as builders, contractors, etc. Construction documentation sets are used to communicate the design intent and specifications to the design professionals, contractors, engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Let us check the steps of construction documentation.

  • As the first step, clients’ project ideas are reviewed, and their needs and vision about the projects are discussed.
  • Next, the site is inspected and photographed for utility locations terrain, drainage, accessibility and aesthetic values for maximum performance and future value. The findings are discussed with the clients before the formal presentation of design concepts.
  • The design team including consultants like civil, mechanical, structural, and electrical engineers use the design features and building systems that target the needs of the clients to develop an efficiently designed space.
  • Construction documentation produces detailed drawings
Construction Documentation Services
Benefits of outsourcing

Benefits of outsourcing Excelize for construction documentation services.

Construction documentation service increases the clients’ return on investment. The main advantages of choosing Excelize for construction documentation are:

• We provide end-to-end solutions for your construction project.
• Our staff can offer 24×7 support to the clients.
• We ensure reduced turnaround time for the process.
• We offer flexible and tailored solutions for all requirements
• Our construction documentation service enhances easier collaboration and dispute solutions.
• It reduces the risk of losing both time and money significantly.

As we can provide superior perspectives, our clients will be able to make superior decisions on their new building project. We have vast experience in providing construction documentation for several large and small building projects.

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