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Construction Quantity Takeoff Services


Cost matters!

Construction is an expensive process, so a detailed measurement of material and labor required in a construction project is very essential and this is called ‘quantity take-off’. All quantities and material take-offs are provided as a service for our clients which enables them to verify RA bills, cost monitoring, floating tenders, project bids, etc.

Our specialist team reviews drawings and specifications to prepare cost estimates and plans, audit projects, manage construction costs and construction contracts. Any change of design is also checked by our cost estimators to assess the cost effects. Quantity take-off helps the designers improve the quality of BIM and provide accurate quantities for contractors and project managers.

It enhances communication with the client.

With quantity take-off, the project managers and contractors can calculate accurate quantities for various purposes easily and integrate with the existing schedule scheduling, cost estimation, and other applications.

To all our clients (architects, designers, contractors, sub-contractors, project managers, and building owners) we offer the best technology and practices as under:

  • Pre-construction work order sheet
  • Extraction of accurate project information
  • Creation of libraries
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation
  • High-quality construction documents
  • Accurate cost-estimation
Construction Quantity Takeoff Services

What makes our services special from others

As offshore BIM consultants, we have been assisting our marquee clients with quantity take-off services.

You can expect technologically advanced methods to calculate quantity take-offs that ensure accurate results, during all phases of the project life-cycle.

We take customer satisfaction seriously, any excessive budget overruns are analyzed through project modifications.

What makes our services special from others
  • We are specialists in the identification and rectification of interferences in coordinated 3D models.
  • Our BIM clash detection and resolution services allow the clients to check for clashes between various systems like architectural, structural, electrical, plumbing, or mechanical.
  • Our highly qualified professional drafting team, along with our skilled use of technological innovations, enables us to deliver accurate BIM clash detection services at affordable rates, with quick turnaround times.
  • We can provide detailed clash interference reports which can help the project management team to make necessary changes and adjustments in the schedule of the construction project.
  • Our highly accurate clash detection services are sought after by clients in different fields of construction such as contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, architects, real estate developers, designers, etc.
  • Our repertoire of clash detection services includes projects such as bridges, public structures, commercial facilities, industrial units, residential homes and retail and institutional buildings.

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