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A large, complex, multi-specialty hospital in Qatar, SIDRA Medicine - Excelize
Excelize Services Inc - Global BIM Solution Partner.
Excelize Services - Corporate Video - Global BIM Solution Partner.
BIM & Natural Calamities
Construction tech is the future
Mr. Vasudevan Suresh Views on Sustainability and Technology in construction
Green Buildings in India The Way Forward
What the model gives beyond BIM and how can we achieve that
Its Back to Business For BIM In USA
BIM and Augmented Reality - Glove in Hand!
Restricting BIM to pre construction - the pitfalls
5 must-watch technology-trends for AEC Industry in the USA! Watch the video to stay updated
Key Hurdles for Construction Companies in Approaching BIM
Sonali Dhopte, CTO as she addresses the Post-Covid scenario in the construction industry.
Budgeting for BIM - How to Save Costs in Construction projects
How does BIM help in creating sustainable buildings
Current trends in adoption of BIM in construction
What is a BIM digital twin?
How does BIM helps in cost analysis & prediction
What is 3D To 8D All About: Unravelling BIM:3D to 8D!
Excelize BIM Talk Session with John Murphy Jr. | Director VDC | Coastal Construction
Excelize BIM Talk Session with Jugal Makwana | Global Director | Digital Engineering
Excelize - BIM Talk Brian Skripac, DBIA, CM-BIM
Excelize BIM Talks - Clive Jordan, co-founder of Plannerly
Excelize BIM Talk Session with Ralph Montague of ArcDox
Excelize BIM Talk with Mr. Johnny Maghzal Head Product Development at Togal.AI. USA.
Nicholas Howard, COO, Wells Construction, North California, USA
Kar Ho, VDC and BIM manager, Current Builders, USA
Monica Cuervo, Senior Vice President at WATG and Wimberly Interiors, USA, share her views with us.
Moustafa ‘Tom’ Aly, Pearls Construction LLC

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