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The wildlife in Gutala, alongside other forest areas in Aurangabad district, is grappling with a severe water scarcity issue. During the scorching summer months, water sources in the forests dry up, exacerbating the plight of animals and birds. This scarcity forces wildlife to encroach upon human habitats in search of water, posing challenges for both humans and animals alike.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Excelize’s CSR committee engaged in discussions with Mr. Ranjan Desai, a wildlife activist, to explore viable solutions. After careful deliberation, it was proposed to donate cement concrete water pots to the forest department. These pots would be strategically placed in suitable locations across the forest, ensuring accessibility to water for a variety of wildlife, including peacocks, neelgai, deer, as well as smaller animals like hares and squirrels, and various bird species like quails and partridges.

By burying these water pots underground, we aim to provide a sustainable water source for wildlife, mitigating the adverse effects of water scarcity and promoting biodiversity conservation. Our commitment to environmental stewardship extends beyond words, as we take tangible steps to support the ecosystems that sustain us all. Learn more about this initiative and its impact on our Wiki page.


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