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CMD Excelize Presented a Technical Presentation on Benefits of BIM, at Marriott Doha, Qatar, 30th June 2011

Mr. Pratap Dhopte CMD Excelize presented a Technical presentation on Benefits of BIM at Marriott Doha Qatar on 30th June 2011 at 5:00 pm.The participants involved senior executives from AEC firms in the Middle East, like C.A.T International Qatar, Bechtel, JTC Inc. and others.The workshop included a technical presentation on BIM and its use. Implementation of BIM for international Airports and its benefits through; Accurate Quantity estimations, Coordinated Clash free site drawings, Planning for material take-offs, Schedules and escalations planning.

The workshop involved a question hour wherein the participants could interact on presentation and clear their concepts on BIM. Everyone enjoyed the deliberations and appreciated the speaker.

CMD Pratap Dhopte Interviewed by Krishna Gopalan of Outlook Business March 19, 2011, for the cover story

According to Pratap Dhopte, Chairman & MD, Excelize, a 3D modeling firm, it hasn’t been difficult to recruit talent. A Rs 1.5 Crore enterprise, Excelize has clients like HyperCity and L&T. Dhopte returned to India after spending a dozen years in Silicon Valley working for Oracle and HCL. “The son of-the-soil logic took over,” he explains.

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