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Director Sonali Dhopte Speaks on “Lean for Construction – An Emerging Management Philosophy”


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Dec 2013:

Director Sonali Dhopte participated as a speaker at Lean For Construction – An emerging management philosophy, Pune, jointly conducted by ILCE & VELDEN Institute on 6th December 2013 where she presented on the benefits of BIM & its implementation by giving examples of Case studies on live projects. About Lean Construction

Excelize Chairman and Managing Director Pratap Dhopte was recently in Buenos Aires Argentina to attend the Outsource2LAC 2013 Conference

Nov 2013:

Excelize Chairman and Managing Director Pratap Dhopte were recently in Buenos Aires Argentina to attend the Outsource2LAC 2013 Conference. Outsource2LAC is the most popular and influential outsourcing offshoring summit of the region, where companies, associations, and national agencies from the industry from around the world are called to attend and take advantage of meeting at the same place in one of the most dynamic regional markets: Latin America and the Caribbean. Pratap Dhopte was invited as a Panelist on the Focus Session on Architectural, Engineering, and R&D Services Outsourcing. During the session, Pratap emphasized the opportunities for outsourced architectural services, especially in Building Information Modeling (BIM) space. He mentioned the success Excelize has had in partnering and collaborating with clients in India, UK, Mid-East, and US for outsourced BIM services. He suggested that Latin American and Caribbean firms have a great opportunity to become outsourcing hubs for architectural services due to their proximity to the US and the availability of good local talent pool.

Pratap Dhopte is invited to participate as a speaker at the Latin American…

Nov 2013:

Chairman and Managing Director Pratap Dhopte are invited to participate as a speaker and panelists on Architectural and engineering construction outsourcing at the Latin American and the Caribbean Outsourcing and Offshoring Summit – Outsource2LAC 2013, to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on November 20 and 21, 2013. This international forum is organized by the Integration and Trade Sector of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina, and Fundacion Exporter, the Trade Promotion Agency of Argentina.

Excelize Chairman and Managing Director Pratap Dhopte’s US and UK Visit

Oct 2013:

Pratap Dhopte, Chairman, and Managing Director, Excelize Architectural Services Pvt. Ltd. were on a tour to US and UK. He was also invited as one of the Nominees for 2013 Be Inspired Special Recognition Awards under the category Innovations in Building at Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2013 conference in London, UK. He also met and interacted with Atul Khanzode, Director of Construction Technologies at DPR Construction, Inc.

The Economic Times Architecture & Design Summit

Aug 2013:

Sonali Dhopte, Founder & Director of Excelize participated in the Architecture & Design Summit Nasik Chapter on the 22nd of August 2013 in Mumbai. As a Closing Key speaker, she put light on the topic Designs for Success where she emphasized and demonstrated case studies on benefits of Building Information Modeling(BIM).

The BIG 5 Construct India 2013: International Building & Construction Show

Sept 2013:

In a presentation on BIM adoption made by Mrs.Sonali Dhopte of Excelize Group, Jagdeep Oberoi and Amit Mehrotra of Tata Housing Development Company, it was pointed out that 91% of large and small projects in India are delayed while 94% exceed their budgets and 92% of the first time customers do not wish to use the same contractor or builder. He suggested that BIM technology is the need of the hour and would make a significant impact on project implementation and management. He called for increased support for BIM deployment with recognized training and certification programmes.

BIM on the Cusp of Growth in India

Jan 2013:

The BIM Journal speaks to Excelize’s Director, Sonali Dhopte, about the future of BIM in one of the world’s most important emerging markets: India.


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