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Oct 2014:


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Director Sonali Dhopte’s Lecture at Rachana Sansad’s Institute of Environmental Architecture

To decipher the nuts and bolts of architecture, Rachna Sansad organized a special lecture series on sustainability–Thinking Green: the way forward, where experts shared their philosophy and practice. The lecture series was meant for students of the Masters Program in Environmental Architecture. Mrs. Sonali Dhopte presented case studies to share her experience of the benefits achieved by our clients by implementing BIM on different types of project.

Director Sonali Dhopte

Sept 2014:

‘Today you can work from any part in the world’ – Interview at Connect Americas, Outsource2LAC

Being able to work on a computer with Internet access makes it possible to provide services from any part of the world, affirms Excelize Group. The Indian company presented its architectural outsourcing services during the Outsource2LAC Summit.

Jun 2014:

‘BIM sols can help construction sector in cost optimization’

Building Information Modelling (BIM) solutions can help reduce the capital cost and carbon footprint by over 20 percent in the construction sector, says a study.

Conducted by KPMG and RICS School of Built Environment at Amity University and commissioned by 3D designing software maker Autodesk, the study said project delays, cost overruns, and liquidity constraints continue to trouble the real estate and construction sectors.

While a number of developed countries across the world have already adopted BIM to reduce project delays and cost overruns, Indian firms are fast adopting BIM, it added.

BIM solutions allow users to construct ‘smart’ and ‘computable’ three-dimensional (3D) model of the project to enhance its design, construction, and operation.

“Firms involved in built environment sector in India are facing significant schedule and cost overrun on account of poor coordination, wastage of material, significant rework, and lack of information sharing etc,” Neeraj Bansal, Partner and Head of Real Estate and Construction Practice, KPMG India said.

BIM, that offers a digital representation of the project during its lifecycle, right from planning to execution of the project, is gradually picking up among Indian firms.

“This can significantly improve operational efficiencies leading to a reduction in project time and cost overruns that the sector currently faces,” Bansal said.

The report said as the awareness for BIM is increasing within the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) sectors, around 22 percent of the firms have already started using BIM.

It said BIM is used most extensively in real estate sector, mostly in design development and construction stage.

Most users who are using BIM fall in the residential segment, building housing projects, followed by those doing mixed land use projects under the commercial category, it said.

The lowest usage was found to be in the non-housing sectors such as industrial and infrastructural developments.

While BIM holds tremendous potential for the construction sector, there are few issues that remain for the use of BIM in the country, said Anil Sawhney, Associate Dean and Director, RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University.

Compatibility between software platforms, availability of skilled resources, and lack of standard processes are among the major challenges deterring usage of BIM technology, he added.

May 2014:

The Big 5 Construct India is returning on 11 – 13 September 2014: The BIG 5

Feb 2014:

Excelize Nominated At Bentley System’s Be Inspired Awards: Read More or Download Article

March 2014:

Benefits & Limitations of using BIM – Chairman and Managing Director Pratap Dhopte’s Article in Civil Engineering & Construction Review – India’s Leading Infrastructure Monthly: Read More or Download Article

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