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Construction Sequencing Management Services

The power of visualization is immense!

Site logistics and installation phasing are critical in any construction project. Scheduling and sequence analysis ensures that phasing is streamlined, and identifies potential conflicts in the timeline. A range of analysis and representation techniques are used to visualize the sequence and resolve any scheduling issues. It may be necessary to iterate through different options for the timeline and define the sequencing model that ensures the smoothest possible construction sequence.

Why use our construction sequencing services?

  • Cost effective budget structures without compromising on quality. Comprehensive information regarding time, schedule, and resources.
  • To manage workflows and implement lean scheduling. Our experts work with the project planning teams, giving them real-time construction sequence simulations along with logistical and minute details of construction activities.
  • Through the integration of high-end BIM software, we provide real-time construction sequence simulations along with logistical and phasing presentations.
  • Identifies and resolves the space and workspace conflicts. The simulation exposes details such as out-of-sequence work, scheduling conflicts between multiple trades, “what if” scenarios, and macro-level construction phasing strategies.
  • Our clients can compare the planned and the actual construction schedule throughout the project life cycle, based on our 4D presentation. It aids the construction planning and can assess the impact of a proposed design on the construction schedule and the work process.
  • Monitor procurement status of project materials in the 4D model which represents advanced tools and quality infrastructure.

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