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Reduction in time brought about by design changes in BIM Modeling services.

The major problem faced by the construction industry is the inability to complete the construction projects on time and within the budget. There are several factors in the construction field that lead to time and cost overrun. Poor planning and scheduling, as well as unprofessional site management of contractors, cause the delay in construction and it will result in financial loss to the owners. The important factors that lead to wastage of time are inefficient project planning and scheduling, lack of contractor experience, improper site management and supervision, incredible subcontractors, and delayed delivery of materials, which could be avoided through the appropriate implementation of BIM Modeling services.

Change in design by the owner, delay in site delivery, a progress payment, approving design documents and performing inspection and testing, and ineffective communication and coordination with other parties. The problems in planning and scheduling complexity of design and lack of control over the site resource allocations are also some of the top factors that cause time overruns.


Through BIM Modeling services quick changes in design could be made if any possible problem is found on the construction site.


Using this technology, the design intent of a building can be checked both quantitatively and qualitatively, and thus BIM cost estimating process can be made early.


Rework is the main fact that leads to wastage of time and money in the construction industry. BIM Modeling services help in updating and synchronizing any design automatically. It will reduce the drawing errors and thus minimize the possibilities of rework. So reducing human errors and avoiding reworking will help the industry to save time and money significantly.


Implementation of BIM concept can increase the efficiency and productivity of the delivery process as well as the constructed facility. As the construction issues can be eliminated at an earlier stage, the request for a design change, team conflicts, and rebuilding will be reduced. The designers can make design decisions on the spatial experience of the BIM-based models. It can result in a massive impact on the cost of the construction.


The components in a BIM model know how to act and interact with other components. For example, in a BIM model, a room, more than an abstract concept, is a unique space with other building components such as floors, walls, and ceilings. In BIM Modeling services, the model is a complex database with geometric information and non-graphic data and room is a database element. So, if the designers change any model element, the changes in all views are automatically coordinated by BIM software.


The key benefit of BIM Modeling services is that it helps owners and AEC professionals with digital visualization, design, simulation, and analysis of the physical and functional features of a project before they are constructed. So they get an idea of how the building will come together before the work starts. It reduces the change in design during construction, which will result in time and cost-saving.

While CAD uses software tools to create digital 2D or 3D drawings, BIM Modeling services provide a new way of working with designs and intelligent objects created. Even though the design is changed several times by everybody, the data in the model remains consistent. As all the stakeholders get a clear vision of the project from the BIM model, they can be informed faster.

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