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We have been players in the BIM services business for over a decade now. We have delivered state of the art Building Information Modelling services to architecture, engineering, and construction companies across the world. We are now present in the USA, along with the Middle East and India. It has always been our endeavor to drive ongoing improvement in all the phases of the building lifecycle from planning to execution. Tackling massive scale is not new for us -consider our recent project Maha Metro Rail Corporation’s Nagpur Metro in India. The city-wide construction had a total length of 40+ km, 36 stations, and 2 depots.

While Excelize has been adding immense value to the building industry in Asia, it’s our work in the USA that gives us special pride. This is the leading economy of the world and projects there have the scale and vision to challenge the best companies. It’s gratifying to make a mark and gain the trust of construction majors there. Here are 5 reasons why US companies have faith in us!

Putting scale into perspective

With over 10 years of experience behind us, addressing scale is not an issue for us. We have been exposed to gigantic projects (like the Nagpur Metro). But perhaps more importantly, for these projects, we have had the good fortune of being involved in providing end-to-end solutions. We have seen every detail of these huge projects and we have found a way to deliver impact. This is why US companies trust us with massive projects.

For e.g., we were extremely proud of our solutions for a residential tower project in Florida. This is a skyscraper, 650-feet tall with 60-floors of housing. This high-end complex even included a robotic parking garage providing 284 parking spaces for 132 units allowing unit owners to park cars right outside their unit on each floor. It’s fair to say that projects of this scale that rely on advanced technologies such as robotics and IoT are next to impossible to pull off without the precision and insight of BIM modeling.

A portfolio without borders (of any kind)

We are extremely proud of our international exposure. We have been bringing the best BIM solutions to companies in some of the fastest-growing construction markets of the world. For e.g., we have a significant footprint in the FIFA World Cup-fueled Qatar market. Some of the other international projects undertaken by us were the Greenfield infrastructure project as well as a multi-specialty Hospital in the Middle East and the refurbishment project of a 52-year-Old University Library Building in California. Our portfolio talks loudly and confidently. The exposure is not just to different geographies. It’s varied in the kinds of projects we do. The experience required to model a heritage building is very different from the learnings you would take away from a metro project. It’s this combination of skills that our US customers value.

At Excelize, experience is the best teacher

Although this is the norm, we feel that in a field which is ever-evolving and growing on a daily basis, experience is everything. As construction technology changes and the boundaries of what is possible with BIM are being pushed outwards it is critical to have a sound foundation to base your efforts on. Being so hands-on with our projects has taught us many valuable lessons over the years. A decade of working on such large projects has fine-tuned teams to work together. Problem-solving is second-nature to us. The challenges faced on the diverse projects we have worked on have made us this way -a team forged in the fire of rich experience.

The proof is in the pudding

You have probably seen stats like 83% of the expert BIM users experienced a positive ROI and 93% of the users strongly believed in the potential of gaining more value in the future. (These are according to a McGraw Hill report). It’s probably stats like these that have convinced more and more construction projects in the US turn to BIM.

Now, sample these stats:

– 8% cost saving over projected DPR costs achieved in a $ 1.2 Billion project.

– 66% saving of time in creating a Clash Detection and Resolution (CDR) model for a renovation project covering 74,000 sq. ft.

– 97% accuracy in predicting the quantity of steel consumed in a residential project of 28 floors.

These are actual results delivered by Excelize by leveraging the power of BIM. It’s results like these that convince construction companies of our capabilities to add value.

Keeping sustainability at the center of modeling

It’s no secret that green practices are important in the USA. This is especially true after the recent discussions between the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment (AIA/COTE) and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The discussion reflects the growing focus on green or sustainable design, which is something that BIM modeling can help with.

It is needs like this that are driving the USA construction companies to look to make more investments in Information Technology-driven solutions like BIM. But those investments are not going through, as was reported in Moody’s last “Global Construction Outlook” report. The single biggest reason for the investments faltering was the lack of skilled people. Of course, this is where we come in! Our people have the domain knowledge, they know the best tools like Revit, and they have the exposure and experience that the USA demands. It’s a question of being in the right place at the right time.

And, as mentioned, we pride ourselves on offering end-to-end solutions. This means our clients don’t have to coordinate with numerous vendors. We take over everything- from BIM services, CAD services, construction sequencing services, and even Point Cloud to BIM.

This combination seems to be what’s making us stand out when USA-based construction companies look for a BIM partner. Is this the combination of skills and experience that you are looking for?

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