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In an age where it is vital to stay ahead of competition, the need for round-the-clock BIM management is very real. But not every AEC firm can afford to do so. We work with small and mid-sized AEC firms and general contractors in the US to fulfil this need and enhance in-house competencies and capabilities.

Build a future-ready enterprise

Partner with us to realize the true potential of our agile BIM solutions and capitalize on our customized resources to drive growth.

Need-based solutions

Align your operations and strategies, with the need for enhancing team capabilities to handle more projects. We promise intuitive BIM management solutions that are accurately tailored to the requirements of your business. That way, you continue to benefit from our end-to-end support on an ongoing basis.

BIM Solutions
staffing Solutions

Staffing solutions

Build a round-the-clock dedicated team of BIM professionals, who function as a natural extension of your own in-house team. Our unique BIM Studio Model enables you to plug the gaps for the immediate need for skilled BIM specialists and manage large engagements efficiently. It gives you the flexibility to scale-up or scale-down your demand for staff, as your work ebbs and flows.

Bid with confidence

Discover how collaborating with us can help you pivot and grow. We leverage our BIM Studio Model to help you optimize resources, innovate and facilitate growth. Now, you can take on more projects and bid for high-value projects, with greater confidence and precision!

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