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3D Design Construction Modeling


Our MEP modeling services, with a wide range of BIM software tools and global experience, benefit Design-Build and MEP consultants. They can identify and solve issues with the help of the model before the construction starts. 3D modeling is an essential tool for architects as it provides better visualization of projects for their clients.

Using 3D construction modeling helps clients identify potential problems in the design phase and these are resolved prior to construction with the help of BIM technology.

Traditionally, design drawings need to be coordinated to ensure that various building systems do not clash. If not done during the construction phase, it leads to delay, increase in cost and waste of materials.

Benefits of 3D design construction modeling:

  • Consistent and accurate 2D drawings at all stages of the design
  • Accurate visualization assists timely project delivery
  • Enhances quality and building performance
  • Allows identification of errors and cost-saving
3D Design Construction Modeling

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