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VDC Services - Virtual Design & Construction


Virtual Design and Construction is a process that mainly involves teams coordinating on multidisciplinary projects using virtual BIM models. Using BIG rooms and 3D BIM models, different stakeholders on the project coordinately with efficiency and speed. There is no need for the team members to be present physically at one location.

BIM and VDC are closely related, but they are not the same. BIM involves building virtually an object (like a structure) with associated information. VDC, on the other hand, uses BIM models to plan the building process from start to finish.


The 4D and 5D model as a VDC coordination platform

Implementation of BIM during preconstruction phase is widely accepted. Using the intelligent BIM model during construction will benefit the project directly. This is where we see virtual construction, monitoring, and planning procedures.

The 4th Dimension or 4D in BIM is the component of time. By linking a project plan with the 3D model construction can be simulated. We can identify challenges, track planned and actual construction progress amongst other things. This is a BIG benefit of BIM for Virtual construction. Project planning team has the ability to identify, resolve virtually any issue and thus avoid time delays and material wastages due to rework upfront.

Every change at design or construction stage impacts the cost of the project. With 5D BIM, the impact of change in design can be very quickly calculated. When we link the 3D BIM model and the quantities extracted from the model with the cost information, we have a single source of truth to get the most accurate information. As the take-offs and measurements are directly calculated from the BIM model, the information stays consistent throughout the project lifecycle.


Digital twin

A virtual replica of the physical structure is called a ‘Digital Twin’. The digital twin will be geo located and can thus be integrated into a virtual 3D city model. Using IoT enabled devised the physical twin/building transmits real-time data to the virtual twin. Using the virtual twin, building performance is optimized during the building's lifecycle and this, in turn, is seen in the physical building.


Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) essentially creates a digital twin, builds the entire project virtually (digitally) before it is built in the real world. This process starts are pre-construction stage, runs through the construction stage, and is an important aspect during the maintenance and operation of the structure.

This process allows to reduce the risk, eliminate conflicts, and reduce the cost of the project. VDC focuses on planning the construction of the BIM model and includes elements such as budget, cost estimation, and scheduling, also called BIM 4D and 5D. BIM is the key technology used in this process.

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