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BIM Strategy Consulting

Since 2004 we have been assisting construction companies, general & specialty clients in their migration to BIM from CAD. We act as a strategic BIM partner to the client educating and training them for seamless migration from CAD drafting to BIM implementation.

For any organization, it is essential to have a strategic roadmap for their BIM adoption journey. Some of the basic items to be considered as part of strategic consulting include the following


BIM Capability assessment and requirement gathering

A detailed study and auditing of the current practices and processes of the organization are done to identify the inefficiencies. Along with this a critical assessment of skill of resources as well as review of tools & technology employed are studied. Tentative budgeting for BIM implementation is also at this stage.


Setting Goals & Objectives:

Organizational BIM goals (both intermediate & long term) are finalized by analyzing the objectives & utility requirements for implementation and considering the industry specific expectations and standards. Gap analysis of current work practices is conducted.

Defining the strategy & shaping the processes:

BIM standards, processes, and methodologies for future projects are finalized. Measurable performance indicators are set. Existing processes and practices are streamlined, replaced, or modified to achieve the BIM goals. A solid BIM Implementation Plan (BIP) is put into existence.


Setting up a Plan for Budgeting:

Based on the gap analysis, recommendations are made for replacing, upskilling, or upgrading the people, process, and technology landscape. Detailed BIM implementation budget is discussed & finalized. Implementation approach, timelines, and KRI (key result indicators) are other factors that drive the BIM adoption.


Training and Education

Software training, BIM protocol education, guidance in BIM oriented communication methods and file sharing are the key to achieving the benefits identified at the beginning of the BIM adoption journey


Pilot Projects

Customizing the outlined BIM execution plan for a specific project is the first step to actualizing the benefits. This should be done with the support of an experienced partner, team member, champion within the organization, or consultant. The pilot project should measure and evaluate the standards, processes, methodologies and identify the errors. Lessons learned can be used to mitigate errors, identify the problems in information exchange, and explore the possibilities for improvement.

Post this BIM Implementation may be done for a single project at a time or in parallel for multiple projects.



All decisions taken and actions carried out are exhaustively recorded and documented. Measurable progress parameters are recorded and analyzed in depth. Plans, strategies, and actions may be reformulated and restructured to achieve the BIM goals of the organization. Monitoring is a continuous process that is scheduled at every stage of decision making, documentation, strategizing, and implementation. Knowledge acquired by individual members is constantly monitored and shared. Professionals are encouraged to self-teach and learn collaboratively with team members in order to gradually allow the organization to be self-sufficient.

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