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Responsible For The Successful Execution

The ultimate responsibility of executing a project successfully on time and within budget is commonly borne by the building contractor. The traditional approach for construction projects consists of the appointment of a designer on one side, and the appointment of a contractor on the other side. The design-build procurement route changes the traditional sequence of work. It answers the client's wishes for a single point of responsibility in an attempt to reduce risks and overall costs.

During the virtual design and construction phase, building information modeling (BIM) tools are integrated into design-build firms. The integration of BIM enhances proficiency in construction and project management. The involvement of design-build firms from start to finish of any construction project increases its efficiency even more through BIM implementation.

Most of our clients in the US and in India are design-build contractors who require architectural BIM services, 3D modeling services, BIM cost estimating, CAD drafting services and CAD conversion services.

Levels of BIM Services

Levels of BIM Services

  • The basic level of BIM 3D modeling services, in which we generate BIM 3D models with the elements of 2D and implement BIM in the design and operations process.
  • The BIM 4D scheduling services, in which we assist our client in tracking the actual built-up time against the scheduled time.
  • Our 5D BIM cost estimation services assist our clients to constantly monitor the cost of the project during the execution phase.

If you are a design-build contractor, here are some of the services that we can assist you with:

We combine the skills of our people, the experience gained from past projects, a detailed understanding of the building industry; a fool-proof delivery process and intelligent technology to provide top-class service.

3D BIM modeling

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