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Engineering Firms

Engineering is the application of scientific knowledge to solving problems, designing and building things in the real world. Engineering is what defines progress and it propels us to build new technologies, structures. products and techniques in order to make lives easier.

We, at Excelize, are proud to be associated with engineering firms, providing them with MEP services, BIM modeling services, MEP coordination services, CAD conversion services, MEP BIM families creation, and clash detection to name a few. We have a pool of engineers, drafters, and modelers, with years of experience in working with different software. 

We have worked extensively with engineering firms on large scale MEP projects including residences, hotels, airports, convention centers, multiplexes and educational institutes.

Our clients appreciate our commitment to quality, process orientation, flexibility, culture, proven methodology, ability to establish engineering teams, and a good understanding of various industry standards. Over the years, we have supported clients across the world in their projects and have emerged as a partner-of-choice for meeting their engineering needs.

Our basket of solutions is aimed at:

MEPF designers and MEP consultants

Typically, engineering firms offer Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Firefighting (MEPF) services to the building industry.

We work with the MEP consultants through the entire phase of generating an MEP 3D model and further coordinate the process of a project by sharing drawings, 3D models etc. We share a great rapport with MEP consultants due to our years of association, which has resulted in repeat business.

Building product manufacturers

Globally, the wide acceptance of building information model (BIM) has piqued the interest of building product manufacturers. More and more building product manufacturers are now using BIM.

Clients of building product manufacturers ask for Revit content creation services as they use BIM for their projects. In order to match their client’s requirements, these manufacturers come to us for our BIM family creation services. This has increased the demand for creating customized BIM libraries, which are easily accessible to their clients.

Structural Engineers

Structural engineers form a major portion of our clientele. We assist structural engineers with structural 2D drafting, structural detailing, and Structural BIM modeling services.

Our team is well versed and well equipped to cater to requirements like generating fabrication drawings, shop drawings, clash detection and coordination in the structural model.


With over a decade of experience in generating precise shop drawings and fabrication drawings for fabricators, we understand their project needs.

We create MEP modules for fabricators and manufacturers directly. Our BIM services provide them with different design activities, which includes digital fabrication and shop drawings of building components. This reduces the extra efforts, which they would have ordinarily spent, in preparing building components or assembly.

Our ‘dedicated resource’ model provides our customers with a team of personnel who only work on their projects and therefore develop an ongoing understanding of the quality and standard of work expected by that customer.

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