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We strongly believe in giving back to society some of what it's given us. We would like to use our competencies to make this world a better place by working in the area of education, environment, and healthcare.

How Team Excelize helped a poor family obtain funds for a heart surgery..

Kapil Jamdhade runs a tea stall just outside the ESIC hospital near the MIDC, "Software Technology Park" for the past 10 years. In spite of an automatic tea dispenser installed in our office, it remained a favorite tea-break place after hours of sitting in front of computers.

Kapil has an 8-year-old son, Kalpesh who was suffering from a congenital heart defect. After consulting many heart specialists, he was asked to visit Narayana Hrudayalaya, at Bangalore. The surgeon agreed to perform the surgery to save the little one's life but at a cost of three lac rupees!

It so happened that Kapil shared his sad saga with Rahul Mitra HR Manager at Excelize who immediately consulted Pratap Dhopte our M.D. Consequently, an email was sent to all the Excelize team members to step forward and donate generously.

Pratap agreed that a matching contribution would be given by the company. It is indeed commendable that Team Excelize collected Rs. 56,750/- and as promised the company matched the amount collected.

Kalpesh was operated in the first week of April 2017 and is doing perfectly fine after his surgery. Team members at Excelize are proud that they were able to help bring this story to a happy ending. Coming together as one to help a family in need was a privilege and we thank Kapil and his family for giving us an opportunity to help.


The wildlife in Gutala along with other such forest areas in the district of Aurangabad is facing an acute problem of water scarcity.

wild life in Gutala
wild life activity

The wild life in Gutala along with other such forest areas in the district of Aurangabad is facing an acute problem of water scarcity. Apart from animals, birds also face shortage as the water spaces in the forests dry up during summer creating a big problem for the wild life. Due to this animals try to come near to human life habitats. Forest department creates water holes and ponds in the forest which are regularly filled. The water requirement of animals like Peacock, Neel gai, Deer and other such small animals is not full filled. Putting up water tanks at various spots and keeping them full is a big task. Hence the CSR committee at Excelize had discussions with Mr. Ranjan Desai a wild life activist. He suggested that we should donate water pots made of cement concrete to the forest department, which can be fixed at suitable locations for animals to access. The pots would be buried inside the ground so as to make water accessible to small animals like hare, squirrel etc. and birds like quail, partridge etc. Here is a link to wiki that will give other details of the location :


Excelize supports Dattaji Bhale Blood Bank on regular basis. The Blood Bank has appreciated the support by Excelize.

Blood Donation

Water pots given by Excelize at Daulatabad and Gautala forests and MIDC are in use.


As part of our CSR activity Excelize ordered a few waterpots with a capacity of around 30-40 liters from a small-time manufacturer who delivered our order on such a short notice. This small effort made by our CSR team will fulfill the water requirement of the animals. In the first phase, we have donated 15 such pots and we assure to supply many more such pots at different locations when the need arises.

Team Excelize took an oath along with all workers at the Clean MIDC Chikalthana area function.



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