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Building Information Modeling is the source of digital transformation in the AEC industry. The technique of BIM implementation enables real-time collaboration and design revisions for minimizing unnecessary problems amongst the stakeholders. Excelize facilitates Architectural, Engineering and Construction clients in developing the perfect BIM workflow in all projects.

Some Benefits of BIM Implementation in Construction:

  • Better Visualization of the Project
  • Designing a Customized Team Workflow
  • Acting as a Guide to Project Participants, Eliminating Risks
  • Improved Collaboration amongst Project Stakeholders

BIM Implementation must be done through a structured approach. It involves, people, process and technology integration and cannot be done randomly.

Phases of BIM Implementation:

  • Evaluation or Assessment phase
  • Project Pre-Planning, pilot, and testing phase
  • Execution at the Design & Construction phases
  • Operations & Maintenance phase integration

BIM implementation plans must be customized to meet any organizations BIM maturity level. BIM consultants ensure that your organization moves smoothly through all the stages of BIM implementation.

  • Assessing BIM capability: The first step involves measuring current BIM maturity of organizing and the team involved and aligning that with the BIM goals for the project or organization. Monitoring is a continuous process scheduled at all stages of decision making, documentation, strategizing and implementation. Evaluating the knowledge acquired by individual members and learning collaboratively for enabling the organization to be self-sufficient is a major goal at this stage.

  • Setting up project goals: Setting up both intermediate as well as long term BIM goals for the organization helps with a structured implementation approach. It is essential to finalize and document it after in-depth discussion through analyzing objectives & utility requirements for implementation and considering industry-specific expectations.

  • Defining strategies: BIM standards, process and methodologies facilitate in measuring progress and target milestones. Streamlining existing practices as well as replacing or modifying those in the desired direction for achieving BIM goals through a solid BIM Implementation Plan (BIP) in the key at this stage.

  • Shaping the processes: Based on the analysis and defining strategies, the process is shaped by replacing or upgrading tools, technologies, and skills of resources. After discussions a comprehensive BIM implementation budget is finalized, processes are tested, monitored, and refined to specific requirements.

  • Practical training on BIM projects – Based on the goals of the organization, training is very essential and must be provided to the resources. The training process involves BIM awareness, updating software training & relevant skill sets along with training given on BIM practices for communication, file sharing and file naming.

  • Executing live project - This is the final phase, where the execution team is deployed, defining the roles & responsibilities of the team members. By customizing the BIM execution plan, the team executes the pilot project bridging the gap between the theoretical knowledge and the practicality of BIM strategy.

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We handle every BIM Implementation Plan by understanding specific client requirements. Our BIM experts understand that clients want different levels of BIM maturity and so they conduct extensive research for customizing BIM implementation plans.

We focus on

  • Current BIM Capability and Working Procedure
  • Skill as well as Human, Hardware and Software resources
  • Level of BIM Maturity
  • Individual Project Case

Why Choose Our BIM Implementation?

  • Evaluating competencies for design collaboration and analysis
  • Assessing long-term goals, tracking achievements with BIM
  • Outlining BIM process, defining current work processes
  • Executing 3D modeling and 4D construction simulation
  • Analyzing material cost through 5D modeling

To know more, get in touch with our BIM experts. Our BIM Implementation is done for a single project as well as in parallel for multiple projects. We let your team assess the standards, processes and techniques for identifying errors at the pre-construction stage of the construction project and explore possibilities for future growth. Take a look at our BIM projects.


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Sectors we work in

Metro Rail
Metro Rail


With over 1500 projects to our credit across diverse sectors and around the world, we truly are a global company in every sense. No matter the scale or complexity of your project, we deliver on our promise of unrivaled BIM expertise.

International airport terminal

International airport terminal

Project Area:480,000M2

What we did:Our scope of work essentially comprised of building a BIM model, to include clash detection and resolution, and vital coordination between the architectural, structural and services (MEPF) teams. For this, we leveraged our team of on-site as well as off-site coordinators and modelers, to create the resolutions of the model and build the model at LOD 300, respectively.

Metro rail project

Metro rail

Project Area:18 Miles, with a total of 38 stations

What we did:We were the 5D BIM consultants on this prestigious project and worked alongside consortium partners to facilitate 3D modeling, clash detection and conflict resolution. Leveraging the Bentley platform, namely AssetWise, ProjectWise and RIB iTWO, we created models, project schedules, construction sequencing and what-if scenarios.

School project


Project Area:270,000 Sq. ft.

What we did:For this high school building, we generated a BIM model at LOD 300, to consider the architectural and structural elements involved. We also worked on the exterior elevation details and materials, in addition to the site landscape and site elements. We created the BIM model from the input Point Cloud Data.

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