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Paper To Cad Coversion Services

Paper to Cad Coversion Services

Excelize has successfully completed several projects of paper to CAD conversion for its clients in the US, UK, and Australia. Our team of architects, engineers and drafters have the capabilities of converting difficult to read drawings into accurate CAD drawings. 

Even though construction industry has been going through significant technical improvements and CAD has spread across the industries to replace conventional drawing methods, many firms still depend on paper-based drawings. But, the tighter deadline, stricter budgets and growing competition in the industry, force companies to rethink about coming up with mechanical and architectural drawings.

Drawbacks of paper drawings are many. First of all the companies have to hire highly skilled draftsmen. Moreover, the risk of damage and loss are not less in paper drawings. Handling, storing and maintaining paper drawings and documents are also tedious. The industries, therefore, consider CAD conversion as a permanent solution to this in which all of your paper drawings are converted into a digital form and then modified and accessed through the advanced CAD software. We can document drawings and other related information in a systematic manner by scanning paper drawings and digitize them.


Intelligent CAD files are used in all stages of a construction process, as they can be worked with cost estimation software, engineering design and analysis software and facilities management applications like area calculation and inventory tracking.

  • It helps create permanent digital records of paper drawings that can be accessed at any point in time.
  • As digital drawings are less prone to damage and sabotage, paper to CAD conversion can reduce data loss by nearly 100%.
  • Paper to CAD conversion reduces the storage space, which is required to store paper drawings.
  • Paper to CAD conversion improves information flow through email and other methods.
  • It provides high-quality drawings with accurate dimensions.


Outsourcing Excelize for Paper to CAD conversion will help you shift your paper documents into accurate CAD representations. We have a team of engineers, architects, and draftsmen who are efficient to take up conversion projects of any scope with the help of latest conversion techniques. With our wide experience in CAD Conversion services, we can ensure a fully functional and operation-ready CAD file. Our professionals are not a mere converter, but they can identify errors and correct them, when necessary.

If you ever find yourself with a paper drawing that you have to convert into CAD, contact Excelize for a fast, accurate and hassle-free service at a competitive rate.

Looking for Pre-construction services, don’t hesitate to contact the Team of Experts. Team Excelize will be glad to assist you!

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