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Structural Bim Services

Structural Bim Services

With the help of the state of our art BIM studio and our rich talent pool, we offer high-quality structural BIM services to our clients across the globe. Excelize with its specialized structural BIM modeling services bridges the gap between the design and fabrication stage. 

Structural BIM modeling has an integral role in building life-cycle management from design through its lifespan to demolition. Accurately designing and detailing structural elements are very important throughout the design and construction process, while communicating with other trades. Excelize provides definitive structural BIM services that will facilitate all-inclusive design analysis and review thus augments flexibility in engineering management.

Structural BIM services provided by Excelize include drafting and detailing along with 3D modeling. As our model combines advanced design and analysis capabilities, it provides a superior 3D analysis that uncovers cost savings and ensures safer designs. Our professionals are capable of creating an accurate structural model with correct information and so the engineers get a clear idea of all aspects like building geometry, geographic information, building properties, building materials, and resources required for the project.


  • Structural analysis
  • Structural design
  • 3D modeling construction
  • Design structural steel
  • Steel structure detailing
  • Creation of 3D, 4D and 5D BIM services
  • Extraction of structural components
  • High-quality construction documents
  • Clash detection and risk mitigation
  • Creation of intelligent parametric libraries
  • Accurate quantity take offs and Cost estimates

Excelize has a well-equipped team of structural engineers and drafters, who are well conversant with the international codes and practices. They can provide the clients with their needs without exhausting their financial resources, as our team uses the latest software, novelty, and originality. With our structural BIM model, the clients get a clear picture of the construction process even before the work is started on the site. So they can improve coordination and inform their decision during the project. It also helps in reducing the design errors. The professionals at Excelize are also very strict about the deadline and so the clients get the proper services with quick turnaround time.


The expert team of structural BIM engineers at Excelize help the clients in collaborating information from all other disciplines like architects, contractors, sub-contractors and others to produce the quality required by them.

The main benefits of our structural BIM services are the following.

  • Better client communications
  • Faster client approvals
  • Improved coordination among team
  • Easy design modifications
  • Reduced number of errors
  • Reduced time on creating a drawing and future revisions
  • Improved performance analysis and evaluation
  • Improved construction efficiency

As our team of engineers can create real-time and realistic design scenarios under Building Information Modeling helping our clients make better decisions avoiding design errors to produce a perfect sustainability strategy. Excelize puts all efforts to ensure high-quality services to the clients. We use the latest technology and software with which we can ensure higher efficiency, safety and increased accuracy across a wide spectrum of engineering projects.

Have a new project, discuss the project requirements with our Team of Experts. Team Excelize will be glad to assist you!

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