Bim Co-ordination Services


Building Information Modeling is a valuable and an unavoidable tool for efficient construction nowadays.However, BIM coordination services are necessary to enhance the purpose and usability of the tool without which the projects may take longer and incur more hassles and expenses for the construction team as well as clients. 

Now let us look at what is BIM coordination? We all know that BIM 3D, 4D, 5D modeling software’s are used to visualize the architectural model, the clashes in the model, the bills of quantity, the cost of the project and to reduce the waste during the construction ensuring a timely completion. BIM coordination is the collaboration of all the three major disciplines of BIM with the help of a tool that will simplify collaborate and improve overall project design. So, BIM coordination is now an essential element of the design and process.


BIM coordination can focus on light areas of concern, disparity, and unevenness in the design that will accelerate the planning and development process and thereby enhance production value. All sectors of the team like structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing etc. are responsible for creating a BIM model of the project’s design. BIM coordination combines all BIM models through a single program. The main benefits of using our BIM coordination services are the following.

  • BIM coordination services help the project team identify the clashes in the design, problem areas and the flaws that should be addressed and modified.
  • With our BIM coordination services, the team can discuss potential construction challenges and possible solutions.
  • BIM coordination services minimize errors made by the members of the design team and construction team.
  • It provides a streamlined workflow that meets world-class quality consistently.
  • It enhances building construction efficiencies.
  • It provides an approximate quantity of materials and the cost of the completion of the construction.
  • BIM coordination minimizes waste of construction material and thereby reduces the total expenditure.
  • It results in saving money and time.
  • As BIM coordination services use superior technology and innovative methods, it maximizes value to clients.


BIM Coordination services are performed mainly in five stages.
  • Data collection: All the essential data including inputs and specification are collected from the clients
  • Idea development: The data provided by the client are analyzed thoroughly to find out different ideas about how to start the project in a user-friendly manner.
  • Management: The long-experienced professional engineers work on the project as a team.
  • Coordination: Software is used to create required designs.
  • Data presentation: Finally the clients get high-quality output.

We at Excelize possess an expert and dynamic team who provide BIM coordination services for commercial, residential as well as industrial buildings. Our BIM coordination services help in the coordination of many elements of the design like structural, mechanical, architectural, plumbing and other services.

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