With every passing day, we face situations that are so discomforting that we are bound to lose faith in humanity,but we know that every coin has two sides.The best example is “Team Excelize’s” attempts to help a poor family in need of funds for a heart surgery.
Kapil Jamdhade runs a tea stall just outside the ESIC hospital near the MIDC, “Software Technology Park” for past 10 years. The “Software Technology Park” is home to many IT companies including our firm “Excelize”. Till about 2 years ago, he was serving tea twice a day to the team members at Excelize office. As the company team size grew the company was forced to switch to an automatic tea dispensing machines. Kapil’s tea shop remained a favourite place to take a tea-break from hours of sitting and working on computers.
Kapil has an 8-year-old son, Kalpesh. A couple of months ago Kalpesh was detected to be suffering from Congenital Heart Defects. Kapil knocked every renowned doctor’s door to get his son treated but all in vain. At last one of a renowned surgeons suggested that Kalpesh be taken to Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore. Kapil visited the hospital and the doctor there suggested an open heart surgery for Kalpesh. Kapil was ready to do whatever he could because his son’s life was at risk. But the amount of three lakh rupees required for the surgery and related expenses seemed impossible for him to bear. After returning from Bangalore, Kapil coincidentally met HR manager of Excelize and mentioned about his son’s ailment. Mr. Rahul Mitra HR Manager at Excelize asked him to speak with Excelize Managing Director, Pratap Dhopte. Kapil met the MD and shared his worries about generating funds for treating Kalpesh’s congenital heart defect. The very next moment Mr. Pratap Dhopte promised to help him as much as he could.
An email was sent to all the Excelize team members to step forward and donate generously and team members were told that Excelize as a company would be providing matching contribution equal to the amount of funds raised by Excelize staff. Emails were also sent out to other “Software Technology Park” companies asking for contributions and pledges to help.
From seniors to juniors all contributed to this fundraising effort. Team Excelize collected Rs. 56,750/-.  As promised Excelize, matched the amount collected to bring the funds collected to a grand total of Rs.1,36,500. Due to the efforts of another Software Technology Park company “Crescendo Connect”, the hospital had agreed to reduce the operating charges.
Kalpesh was operated in the first week of April 2017 and doing perfectly fine after his surgery. He is back to living a full life and looks forward to a great future. Proud parents Kapil and his wife are relieved to see their son Kalpesh get back to normal.
Team members at Excelize are proud that they were able to help bring this story to a happy ending. Coming together as one to help a family in need was a privilege and a wonderful opportunity. Excelize company is proud of its employee’s generosity and we thank Kapil and his family for giving us an opportunity to help.