Architects have been the fastest AEC technology adopter’s as well as the prime users of BIM. We have mostly worked with Architects on architectural drafting services, construction documentation, Revit BIM Modeling services, Clash Detection and design documentation during pre-construction. 

The evolution of any new technology in the construction industry starts with Architects. Whether its BIM or AutoCAD, Architects are the initial users and adopters of these new technologies. Excelize has been working with individual Architects and Architectural firms since its inception in providing Architectural drafting services. Due to the extensive experience of working with architects in different geographies our team has sound knowledge of different global standards and codes.

Excelize is currently engaged with architects to provide high-quality BIM solutions and Architectural drafting services on time and within budget. Majority of the Architects/ Architectural firms are located in the US, UK, Australia and Middle East.

Excelize has been working on a huge range of projects and at different stages of the design process. Our experience includes the following:

  • At Excelize we generate Architectural BIM model for all type of projects along with detailed construction and architectural drawings.
  • We provide BIM 3D modeling services during the design and development phase of a project through the construction phase.
  • We also provide CAD detailing and conversion support on an as need basis for many of our clients.
  • We have been working with many Architects for drafting and detailing support of Schematic drawings.
  • Excelize has placed its resources on the Man-Month basis to produce Construction Documentation Sets for many Architectural firms.
  • We have the capabilities of generating Revit BIM Model from producing Sketch-up models and utilizing it for visualization. So if you use sketch up as your primary software, we have the appropriate Modeling solutions for you.

Based on our experience we have developed protocols to manage all our architectural projects. Excelize also maintains control over project communications to ensure that all costs and delivery dates are closely tracked and reported. Initially, we shared files through FTP, Emails, web interfaces, etc. however with the faster adoption of BIM services, we now use online collaboration and file-sharing tools like Autodesk 360 to better manage design updates and design briefings.

Have a new project, discuss the project requirements with our Team of Experts. Team Excelize will be glad to assist you!