CAD Services


CAD Services

With more than a decade of experience in CAD services, it stands as one of the core services that we offer to most of our clients.

Excelize is a leading service provider in AutoCAD conversion. We have specialized teams (including electrical engineers, and mechanical engineers) specifically working on CAD drafting services, CAD drawing, 3D CAD conversion services and CAD modeling services & create 99.99% accurate CAD drawings with their substantial knowledge and long experience.

We offer several AutoCAD conversion services:

  • 2D to 3D CAD Conversion,
  • Raster to Vector CAD Conversion,
  • Image to CAD Conversion,
  • Scan to 3D CAD Conversion,
  • PDF to CAD Conversion

We convert all type of architectural, engineering, other technical drawings in the format you need and within a stipulated time.


  1. Cost effective & higher efficiency.
  2. Reliability & security of data.
  3. Saves time as CAD drawings can be easily edited which avoids redrawing.
  4. Accurate final product.
  5. Accurate information that can be used as a virtual product.
  6. Ease of access can share AutoCAD drawings easily via email, several people can view and work on the project simultaneously.

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